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DiSo as explained by @kveton and @mtrichardson – Sponsored by Vidoop


Vidoop This meet up marks the first of 3 Beer and Blogs that will be sponsored by Vidoop. They are sponsoring these sessions because they have a grip of Vidoop employees coming to Portland over the next few weeks and would like to show them a good time. How rad is that?

It is only fitting then that we’ll have two Vidoopers, Scott Kveton (@kveton) and Michael Richardson (@mtrichardson), leading the first of these sessions in a talk about DiSo. If you’re not familiar with DiSo, that’s ok because that is what this talk will be about. It is a distributed social project that seeks to replicate the functionality of social networks in an open, distributed manner.

Here are a couple of links to get you going:

For your reference, Chris Messina (@factoryjoe) went to work for Vidoop in order to work on his DiSo project full time. So, we should be getting some rad information for the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Not that Scott or Michael have horse mouthes. I’m going to stop typing now.

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