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You’re not too Bizzy for FREE beer, are you?

Tomorrow (which is Monday, September 12th) you’re invited to Bailey’s Taproom in downtown Portland for FREE draft beers from 8-9pm, thanks to the peeps behind the new check-in iPhone and Android app Bizzy.

What the heck is Bizzy? I’ll let Lea, Bizzy’s community manager, explain:

Bizzy is an iPhone and Android app that lets you “Check Out” from the places you go. When you check out, you share your experiences and photos with a community of people that are interested in discussing and discovering local places. Follow your friends and other super cool folks to see their check outs. When you see something awesome, one tap adds it to your “Try List” for easy recall.

We’re coming to Portland to celebrate our new app features and chat with locals in the food, tech, social media, startup and blogging scenes…our aim is to get as many awesome locals in the room as possible. Our founder and VP of Marketing will be in town for the event and we’ll be having a draft beer open bar from 8-9PMish for downloading the app (

Oh, and here’s a cute cartoon that explains Bizzy as well:

You’re not too Bizzy for FREE beer, are you? I think not…so get thee to Bailey’s Taproom from 8-9pm tomorrow, download the app, and get yourself a cold, refreshing beer. See you there!

Google Wants to Buy You Beer

Say whaaa??? To celebrate the launch of Hotpot – Google’s new way for you and your friends to share recommendations on bars, restaurants, hotels and other hot spots in order to get personalized Google search results – Google is sponsoring the Portland Beer and Blog on Friday, February 18! You do realize what this means, right (other than that Google’s buying you beer)? It means that thanks to Hotpot, you’ll never again find yourself all dressed up with nowhere to go. Or at the very least, you’ll know where you could go. And you don’t even have to dress up. But I digress.

In return for buying you beer, Google has just one oh-so-small request. If you haven’t already, please sign up for Hotpot, give it a try, come to Beer and Blog and deliver your feedback to Google in person. That’s right. In person. How often do you get to shake hands with a Google employee, much less give them direct feedback about a product? It’s kinda like this one time when I ran into Isla Fisher in a hostel in Athens before she was semi-famous, and her step brother (brother-in-law? I forget) totally hit on me. Maybe slightly cooler than that. Again, I digress.

In a nutshell, Hotpot works like this: You rate local places – bars, restaurants, cafes, night clubs, museums, whatever. Write a quick review if you’re feeling extra generous. Then invite your friends to join. Repeat. And the next time you do a search on, Maps, your phone – wherever you do Google searches! – you’ll get recommendations on places to check out based on your tastes and recommendations from friends. Just like so:

As if that’s not enough, the super nerdy among you may have the chance to participate in some more focused, nitty-gritty chit-chats about the product, where you can really give Google a piece of your mind.

And just slightly off-topic, if you stop by Deschutes Brew Pub up in NW Portland, Google wants to buy you even more free beer. Just show your bartender the Android rating widget or iPhone Places app on your phone and get a free pint of the yummy Red Chair NWPA plus a commemorative pint glass — on Google. The deal lasts as long as supplies last.

Sooooo… we’ll see you next Friday at the Green Dragon, right? 4pm sharp. Drink tickets will be plentiful, but not unlimited, and they’re first come, first serve.

Please RSVP below so we know how many people to expect:

Beer & Blog Luau Party

Join us on Friday June 25th from 4-6pm-ish to soak up sun and suds at the Green Dragon in their cool beer garden.  Like any good Luau we will have a roasted pig courtesy of the Green Dragon (sorry vegans).  Don’t forget to wear your Hawaiian shirt to be entered into a raffle to win a free Whiffies gift certificate courtesy of Taplister.

See you there


ReadWriteWeb is sponsoring this week’s Beer and Blog


RWW Well friends, I had the good fortune of running into Richard MacManus, who is the founder of ReadWriteWeb, at Lunch 2.0. He mentioned that he would be attending this Friday, which I asked if I could share on Twitter. To which he said yes.


Then I got an email from the famed Co-Editor of RWW Marshall Kirkpatrick that ReadWriteWeb wanted to also sponsor drinks this Friday! How cool is that?!!

So, come on down and schmooze with the RWW staff and enjoy some cold ones on them. Richard is in town from New Zealand, so it’s a rare treat to have some face time with him.

You can RSVP on Upcoming or Calagator!

Involver is coming to town considering opening up shop


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a special treat for everyone this week. Involver is coming to town!

If you don’t know them, Involver is the leading creator of custom tabs and apps on Facebook. No, they don’t make Farmville type stuff. *Other* people use their services to make their own tabs and apps. And, business is booming for them. So much so, that they are expanding their offices and are scouting out Portland as a potential location! I told them we had a seriously under utilized pool of developer talent here and they want to see for themselves. Help us roll out the red carpet for these out of town potential employers so they have no choice but to open up shop somewhere in PDX.

What we need

The first thing we need is for people who would like to work locally for the hottest Facebook app development company to show up in droves. What kind of positions would be available, you ask? Involver is currently hiring Ruby on Rails developers, IT specialists, interface engineers, lead visual designer, MySQL DBA, technical writers, account managers, etc. As you can see, they have cool work available for developers, creatives, and more.


I was on a business trip with Webtrends when I met up with the Involver team. They mentioned their interest in Portland, and I suggested a scouting trip by way of Beer and Blog. I’d like us to make this a successful event so that we not only attract a hot emerging company like Involver, but also that we can use this example to attract more companies that want to reach beyond the Valley.

So, bring it!! RSVP on Upcoming or Calagator

Free Eats, Drinks Courtesy of Alaska Air

alaskaairWhoo-hoo! Our month-long 2nd Anniversary celebration continues!

This Friday at Beer and Blog, Alaska Airlines will provide free snackage for everyone and two drink tickets to the first 40 people who arrive. As usual, our event begins at 4pm at the Green Dragon, so if you have a hankering for freebie booze you should show up close to start time.

Special message, just for Brian M. Westbrook: A sincere bottom-of-our-hearts thanks for making this happen! You rock!

But the Alaska Airlines-sponsored fete isn’t all that’s going on this Friday night.

Almost as if it was fate (and who am I to say it’s not?) the Laughing Squid crew is in Portland this week, and they plan to join us at Beer and Blog for a spell.

laughing_squid What is Laughing Squid? It’s an online resource for art, culture & technology that also provides web hosting services. The Squiddies are having their own party — a PDX Drinkup — this Friday at 7pm at the Lucky Labrador Brew Pub, just down the street from the Green Dragon.

Coincidence? Or FATE? ;)

So, after we’ve exhausted our wonderful Beer and Blog server Lexie, we’ll trek a couple of blocks down to the Lucky Labrador Brew Pub to meet the the Laughing Squid team at their PDX Drinkup.

I hope to see you at Beer and Blog and later on at the PDX Drinkup. Come and say hello!

RSVP on Upcoming or get your deets on Calagator.

Celebrate Our 2nd Year, SexyNurd Style!

The month of January makes everyone retrospective. We look back and take note of events and accomplishments and the look to the future to imagine what may be. For Beer and Blog, this January is especially affecting…it’s also our 2nd Anniversary!

So, what did we do last year? Here’s a little run down of blog post titles we published last year:

End Bloglessness – A half day workshop to get your blog up and running
We had 3 End bloglessness events last year! Down with bloglessness!

FREE Redux: Win hosting for life at Beer and Blog
Several beer and bloggers are hooked up sweet now!

Heard AboutUs? They’re 3 (and They’re Buying Us Beer!)
We helped AboutUs celebrate three years of stellar web indexing by helping them drink the beer they bought. Awesome!

Off-site topic: Intellectual Property
I attended this event and walked away with a copy of Facebook’s patent application. Purr!

What the Shit? Twitter. Dramatic. Reading.
We had two What the Shit?s last year, Melissa Lion’s very popular dramatic Twitter oration. Frakking hilarious! We hope to do more this year!

Free Beer for Twitalyzer’s Top 100 Influencers
There was a huge, jovial turnout (and a teensy bit of controversy) for this summer patio party. Awesome!

Enter to Win a Beery Big Prize this Friday
(This is my favorite headline.)

Cyan PDX is hosting this Friday’s meet upThis one was super fun for me…it’s where I met my lit agent.

Drupal Magic Animal Farm
I enjoyed writing this post about my friend Nate “Dante” Angell. <3

The Women of Beer and Blog
This one got 10 comments! Wow!

End Joblessness – A mini job fair
About 70 people showed up for the mini job fair and several people made contacts that led to employment. Wah-hoo!

It’s a very impressive list for a two year old community based on the premise of bloggers helping bloggers over beer, don’t you agree?

To celebrate our accomplishments we’ve secured the best in entertainment for our beer and bloggers: SexyNurd!

Join us, won't you?

Join us, won't you?

This Friday, January 8, Comedian SexyNurd is performing at 5pm at the Green Dragon. For US! Not only that, he’s giving away tickets to his “RockStar Trapped in a Nurd’s Body” show that starts January 22 at Curious Comedy Theater.

SexyNerd is such a rock star that the paparazzi will be there, of course, to capture him mingling with us beer and bloggers. Pose with SexyNurd in your best Sexy or Nurd and you’ll end up in the tabloids and on the SexyNurd blog. You’ve been warned!

That’s not all we have lined up in January to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary. For your beer and blog entertainment:

Yes, you read that right. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you! Mr. Adams will be in Beer and Blog attendance on January 29. Stay tuned for details on this historic event. ;)

On the cusp of a new year, and on behalf of Justin and Christine (Mr. and Mrs. Beer and Blog) and the rest of the Beer and Blog crew, I wish you prosperous experiences in 2010!

See you Friday at the Green Dragon after 4pm!

Spend a few of your 30 Hours at Beer and Blog

Unless you’ve been living in a Christmas tree these past few weeks, you’ve heard of that totally ambitious charity fundraiser called 30 Hour Day. It’s been featured on The Square and in the Huffington Post. It has attracted a legion of die-hard elves who toil away into the wee hours of the night to get things ready. And, according to the paparazzi, it features a really, really big tree.30-hour-day

It’s that “cockamamie scheme concocted by Cami Kaos of Strange Love Live and Rick Turoczy of Silicon Florist” in which they vow 30 consecutive livestreamed hours of online auctions and entertainment to raise money for charities like Free Geek, Oregon Food Bank, and Toys for Tots.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for cockamamie schemes. All of us at Beer and Blog are! We want to help make 30 Hour Day a landslide success. That’s why I’m very happy to report that after much begging and pleading, Rick and Cami have agreed to let us help!

This Friday, when you come to Beer and Blog at the Green Dragon with an unwrapped toy or non-perishable food donation, you’re in for a 30 Hour Day treat: a live video feed, anchored by Mr. Brian M. Westbrook, that connects us to those cockamamie schemers Cami and Rick!

Now…here’s the part that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside: the first item on the block is the apron I handmade and wore for the 2010 Get Naked for a Cause calendar. (I’m July, of course!)

With the apron comes a mediaChick-autographed copy of the calendar. (That’s me!) Many of the models in the calendar will be there to scribble in Sharpie, including our Ms. Cami Kaos and her man Doc Normal. (They’re October, of course!)

Mr. Westbrook and I will be on-air together at the Green Dragon for the apron/calendar auction at 5:30pm. Bid high, folks. It’s for charity!

Cami and Rick ring the opening bell for their live online charity auction this Friday December 18th at 4pm on, and they’ll be accepting bids even before livestreaming begins. You can find more info on the online auction via

BONUS FUN! After Beer and Blog there will be a 30 Hour Day karaoke party with @MizD and @ChefChopper. We’re still encouraging people to bring down toys and food.

And PLEASE don’t forget to bring a new, unwrapped toy and/or non perishable food to Beer and Blog. It’s important!

I’ll see you on Friday!

P.S. You know you want that apron…

December Events to Remember

Well folks, it’s been BnB as usual for the past month or so. But, the usual gives way to awesome in the month of December! In celebration of the most wonderful time of the year we’ve giving away gifts for 2 weeks in a row, then we’re helping Cami and Rick kick off 30 Hour Day.

What’s in store for the month of December

12/4 – Gift Giveaway

poken The perennially awesome Verso has acquired several Pokens to giveaway this Friday. What’s a Poken, you say? Only the coolest contact gadget on the planet! People use them at conferences and meet ups to trade contact information by giving each other a high-four with their Pokens. Once you get home, you pull the cute lil hand off and reveal the USB port that you can now use to download the contacts you met. Really cool. I have one and Verso has one, so now we need y’all to have em so we have other people to high-four. The Tokyo Chapter is really into them, naturally.

We’re working on a couple of other gifts to give away, but you’ll just have to wait to hear details about them.

RSVP on Upcoming or Calagator »

12/11 – Festive Drink Bar

drink We’ll share more details about this one when we get final confirmation, but the idea is that we’re going to have a drink sponsor that will not only provide drinks, but also fun mixers and treats to make our own festive drinks. Each free drink is like a little present for your mouth. Ok, that sounded kinda dirty, but you get the idea ;)

12/18 – 30 Hour Day

As they put it on their site:

30-hour-day30 hour day is a cockamamie scheme concocted by Cami Kaos of Strange Love Live and Rick Turoczy of Silicon Florist. The concept? Livestream for 30 hours straight in an effort to raise money for charities like Free Geek, Oregon Food Bank, and Toys for Tots.

Join us December 18 and 19 for 30 hours of entertainment, interviews, and interesting goings on—while helping some very worthwhile causes. All from the cozy warmth of your own Web browser.”

We’re helping them kick off the event by holding Beer and Blog on location for 30 Hour Day at PIE. Probably will get a beer sponsor for that one. Hell yeah!

12/25 – Christmas

santa There will be no official BnB this day, and I suspect not even a Blog and Beer. So we’ll just have to make the jokes about seeing each other next year at the 30 Hour Day event. :)

Taptu Green Dragon PDX for Free Beer!



One Friday last April, Jason Harris came to Beer and Blog to demo Taptu’s “super-fast entertainment search engine for your mobile” to a nice crowd of app geeks wanting to see it in action. This Friday Jason is back to conduct a focus group at the Green Dragon (check to see if you qualify to participate) and to buy us beer.


This time around Jason is also bringing some stickers, a few little cuddly teddy bears, and a Taptu cohort Chris Moisan, VP pf Market and Product Development, who is visiting from London. Jason wrote a nice post about Taptu sponsoring Beer and Blog Portland on the corporate blog. If you come and partake in the complimentary beer, be sure to thank Jason and Chris for their generosity!

I hope to see you from 4-6pm this Friday at the Green Dragon, and remember to come closer to 4pm to take advantage of the free beer.