Google Wants to Buy You Beer

Say whaaa??? To celebrate the launch of Hotpot – Google’s new way for you and your friends to share recommendations on bars, restaurants, hotels and other hot spots in order to get personalized Google search results – Google is sponsoring the Portland Beer and Blog on Friday, February 18! You do realize what this means, right (other than that Google’s buying you beer)? It means that thanks to Hotpot, you’ll never again find yourself all dressed up with nowhere to go. Or at the very least, you’ll know where you could go. And you don’t even have to dress up. But I digress.

In return for buying you beer, Google has just one oh-so-small request. If you haven’t already, please sign up for Hotpot, give it a try, come to Beer and Blog and deliver your feedback to Google in person. That’s right. In person. How often do you get to shake hands with a Google employee, much less give them direct feedback about a product? It’s kinda like this one time when I ran into Isla Fisher in a hostel in Athens before she was semi-famous, and her step brother (brother-in-law? I forget) totally hit on me. Maybe slightly cooler than that. Again, I digress.

In a nutshell, Hotpot works like this: You rate local places – bars, restaurants, cafes, night clubs, museums, whatever. Write a quick review if you’re feeling extra generous. Then invite your friends to join. Repeat. And the next time you do a search on, Maps, your phone – wherever you do Google searches! – you’ll get recommendations on places to check out based on your tastes and recommendations from friends. Just like so:

As if that’s not enough, the super nerdy among you may have the chance to participate in some more focused, nitty-gritty chit-chats about the product, where you can really give Google a piece of your mind.

And just slightly off-topic, if you stop by Deschutes Brew Pub up in NW Portland, Google wants to buy you even more free beer. Just show your bartender the Android rating widget or iPhone Places app on your phone and get a free pint of the yummy Red Chair NWPA plus a commemorative pint glass — on Google. The deal lasts as long as supplies last.

Sooooo… we’ll see you next Friday at the Green Dragon, right? 4pm sharp. Drink tickets will be plentiful, but not unlimited, and they’re first come, first serve.

Please RSVP below so we know how many people to expect:

4 Responses to “Google Wants to Buy You Beer”

  1. 1 Don Park

    way to go, Michelle! thanks for setting this up!

  2. 2 Joel Gibby

    Excited to talk about the product and see some people I haven’t seen in a long time!

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