ReadWriteWeb is sponsoring this week’s Beer and Blog


RWW Well friends, I had the good fortune of running into Richard MacManus, who is the founder of ReadWriteWeb, at Lunch 2.0. He mentioned that he would be attending this Friday, which I asked if I could share on Twitter. To which he said yes.


Then I got an email from the famed Co-Editor of RWW Marshall Kirkpatrick that ReadWriteWeb wanted to also sponsor drinks this Friday! How cool is that?!!

So, come on down and schmooze with the RWW staff and enjoy some cold ones on them. Richard is in town from New Zealand, so it’s a rare treat to have some face time with him.

You can RSVP on Upcoming or Calagator!

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  1. 1 Marshall Kirkpatrick

    Woo hoo! See ya Friday!

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