See that Frenchman with the big hair? That’s the CTO of Seesmic!

Any self-respecting Portland tech geek knows that the CTO of Seesmic is coming to visit this weekend, thanks to Rick Turoczy and his Silicon Florist post helpfully listing things he should while in town. Things that are uniquely Portland-esque. Like Beer and Blog!

And if you’re active on twitter, you know about Seesmic. I’m a proud devotee. When Justin Kistner (what UP dawg!) demoed the elegance of the desktop version  for me I promptly broke up with Twhirl and haven’t looked back. I use the mobile version as well.  Like the cool kids they are, Seemsic recently opened their desktop platform so the super geeky can now add or tweak any service to their liking. (Video on that here:

But just who this tech rock star anyway? A surface investigation reveals him to be an argyle sweater-wearing French guy named Johann Romefort who’s Twitter bio links to a 403 “permission denied” page and who is rumored to hold the title of Biggest Hair in Technology. How mysterious!

Come meet Johann and mingle with your Beer and Blog pals at The Green Dragon this Friday from 4-6pm (which, as you know, sometimes runs from earlier than that until later than that).

See you there!

(And for all my WordPress buddies who’ll be joining us…did you know the Seesmic blog runs on TypePad? I’m thinking maybe someone should bring that topic up…cough.)

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  1. 1 Joel Gibby

    OMG Rockstar developers in the house! Gas tank is full. Getting off work early to jet over to Portland and hoping to be in the door by 5PM. Looking forward to meeting a bunch of tweeps I follow!


  1. 1 Happy 2011 from Beer and Blog! at Beer and Blog Portland

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