Rest Up This Casual Friday, We’ve Got Plans Galore in Store Ahead!

Image by Slacker Mark

Image by Slacker Mark

My goodness. Summer is here already! How is it I’ve just today noticed my first fireworks stand of the holiday season? Time to slow down and smell the sulfur, I say.

This Friday’s Beer and Blog is casual. As in: we have nothing planned and yet we’d like to hang out anyway. Unwind from the work week and kick off the 4th of July weekend with the usual suspects on the patio of the Green Dragon. Casual Friday style from 4-6pm, yo.

Next week, however, it’s time for some fun. July 10th we’ve brought back by popular demand What the Shit, novelist @melissalion’s heelarious Dramatic Twitter Reading Series. I lamed out last time, but this time I’ve already got a couple of good tweets to orate. Time to put those high school theatre skills to use. BONUS: AboutUs is having it’s anniversary party at Beer and Blog and wants to share the love in the way of beer. For the Beer and Bloggers. Yay! Stay tuned for more info.

And finally, while I’ve got your attention, I’d like to announce a date change for the hugely successful End Bloglessness. Again. (Long story.) BUT THIS TIME WE MEAN IT. On July 18th, Beer and Blog proudly continue its collective efforts to put an End to Bloglessness. We feel everyone should be polluting the Internet with our hopes, opinions, rants, and obsessions, not to mention hocking the Next Big Thing. Held at Webtrends, more details to come.

Now, if you care to RSVP on Upcoming or get informed at Calagator about Casual Beer and Blog Friday, please go right ahead.

Have a safe and explosive holiday weekend!

3 Responses to “Rest Up This Casual Friday, We’ve Got Plans Galore in Store Ahead!”

  1. 1 Arthur Smid

    See you there!

  2. 2 Robert Dobbs

    Way to screw the pooch there, Justin! I imagine this will do wonders for your job hunt once Webtrends folds…

  3. 3 Justin Kistner

    Robert, I’m sitting here talking with TonyT who I met in the discussion on BikePortland. We’re having a good conversation about differing perspectives on the Webtrends ad. I’d welcome the opportunity to talk with you too. Please feel welcome to come down and share your thoughts.

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