Free Beer for Twitalyzer’s Top 100 Influencers

Are you one of the 100 Most Influential People in Twitter living in Portland?

Are you influential?

Are you influential?

If your name is on the list, generated courtesy of the intricate algorithm of Twittalyzer, you’re definitely going to want to show up to Beer and Blog this Friday. There’s a free beer waiting for you!

The creator of Twitalyzer Eric Peterson, consultant and author of Web Analytics Demystified and Web Site Measurement Hacks, will be there to explain his online service. He will also be generously treating each of the 100 most influential among us to a free, refreshing beer. Yay!

I’ve seen the list, and while there are plenty of familiar names on it there are also names I’ve never seen. There are also some names that belong to faces too rarely spotted in the Beer and Blog Clubhouse (aka the Green Dragon). I hope to see all of you for one big 100 Most Influential People in Twitter living in Portland Love Fest.

So where’s the list? Under lock and key, of course. This is free beer we’re talking about! Stay tuned. It’s almost time for Silicon Florist to announce the lucky influences and I’ll link to it when that happens, post haste, pronto, and with a quickness.

EDIT: It’s here! The list is here! Do you see YOUR name on Silicon Florist’s post on the Top 100 Portland Twitter Influencers?

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8 Responses to “Free Beer for Twitalyzer’s Top 100 Influencers”

  1. 1 TiEsQue

    I can’t wait to see Justin tell some poor sap to “PUT THAT BEER DOWN! Beer is for influencers only…” ( )

  2. 2 Justin Kistner

    I get the right to say that because I’ll drive there in a BMW. ;)

  3. 3 Rick Turoczy

    You see this tweet? This tweet cost more than your car.

  4. 4 @thebuzzbybrian

    I am scared that if I got to B & B I will have to leave blogger and go to to wordpress!

  5. 5 The One True b!X

    Curses. Once again foiled by the fact that I have my location listed as “The Portland of Oregon” and so these lists never pick me up.

    Wait, what do you mean I wouldn’t have been on it anyway?!

  6. 6 Randal L. Schwartz

    I’ll be there, even though because of my GPS skills you don’t seem to notice that I’m a Portlander, although you’ve already admitted I would have made the list. :)

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