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Twitter conspiracy theories, Vidoops 3rd and final sponsored meet up back at the Green Dragon

Well folks, this is the 3rd and final wave of Vidoopers coming through town. And, after the lengthy line at Plan B, we’re heading back to the Green Dragon. At this session @kveton is going to facilitate discussion around Twitter conspiracy theories.

I apologize for the late official posting on this, I’m currently traveling and was without Internet for the morning. And, since I will not be there, I expect everyone to have a rad ass time and make me feel bad for missing out on the fun. :)

BIG thanks to Vidoop for sponsoring the last 3 Beer and Blog sessions! It has been a pleasure to meet everyone from this hot new firm and buying beers has certainly made you all more welcome ;)

You can RSVP on Upcoming, but let’s be honest, it’s only 3 hours away.

Trying new location, round 2 of Vidoopers, special announcement oh my!


When you host an event at a specific place for several months and you decide to move it, you should give people ample notice. But, somehow it got to be Friday and I’m just now posting about tonight’s Beer and Blog. We’re going to try a new venue out because we’ve out grown the Green Dragon. They have been good to us, but people can’t hear and if any more showed up, we couldn’t accommodate them. So, let’s try Plan B (formerly Acme).

mtrichardson.jpg This is the 2nd of 3 waves of Vidoop employees coming through town and they will be sponsoring tonight’s session. Michael Richardson (@mtrichardson) will be sharing a special announcement from Vidoop that was originally described to me as:

“Vidoop will be launching and seeking feedback on a new product that enhances usability of OpenID”

I was able to get a little more info from them last night and I think their announcement will spark much discussion about the next generation of the social web on which we all blog currently. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to geek out on this fascinating topic. Especially when the first round is on Vidoop. ;)

RSVP on Upcoming


DiSo as explained by @kveton and @mtrichardson – Sponsored by Vidoop


Vidoop This meet up marks the first of 3 Beer and Blogs that will be sponsored by Vidoop. They are sponsoring these sessions because they have a grip of Vidoop employees coming to Portland over the next few weeks and would like to show them a good time. How rad is that?

It is only fitting then that we’ll have two Vidoopers, Scott Kveton (@kveton) and Michael Richardson (@mtrichardson), leading the first of these sessions in a talk about DiSo. If you’re not familiar with DiSo, that’s ok because that is what this talk will be about. It is a distributed social project that seeks to replicate the functionality of social networks in an open, distributed manner.

Here are a couple of links to get you going:

For your reference, Chris Messina (@factoryjoe) went to work for Vidoop in order to work on his DiSo project full time. So, we should be getting some rad information for the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Not that Scott or Michael have horse mouthes. I’m going to stop typing now.

RSVP on Upcoming

Make your blog load fast and help the environment at the same time

Last week, I was chatting with @grigs saying that I was interested in him hosting a session on mobile blogging. Jason let me know that he was hot on another topic at the moment and wondered if I would let him speak on it. Not being one to pigeon hole a man for his most visible passion, I said let’s do it! Here’s a brief description from Jason Grigsby on what this week’s session will be:


There are many reasons to optimize your blog and make it load as fast as possible. You’ll use less bandwidth, save money, and make your readers happier.

But there is yet another reason to make sure you site loads as fast as possible. It is one of the easiest things you can do to reduce the energy your site uses. Unfortunately, most web sites don’t do the basic things that would make them run faster and use fewer resources.

So this week at Beer and Blog we’ll shave seconds off an example blog using simple techniques and do our little part to make our blogs greener.

I’m totally interested in how to speed up my blog, especially since I know now that it helps the environment too! Come join us to learn some ninja tricks. Also, we’ll be making a cool announcement about a sponsor that is going to pay for the first round of the next 3 Beer and Blogs after this one.

Rad shit is happening.

Ok, if you’ll be there, RSVP on Upcoming por favor.